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Below are our most Frequently Asked Questions at LAC Academy - If you cannot find the answer to your question here then contact us.

Q - How do I start with LAC Academy?


A - To start your lessons with LAC Academy then you need to contact us. For some of our activities there are entry requirements - Please contact us for more information.

Q - Does LAC Academy have any 'Terms and Conditions'?


A - Yes, when you join our Academy you will be given our terms and conditions as part of your welcome letter - They are also available to view on our website - click here.

Q - Can we pay for our lessons weekly?


A - Unfortunately to secure a place all lessons are need to be paid for termly and in advance. Payment can me made by our prefered method of BACS Transfer or by cash.

Q - Do Boys and Girls both have to wear swimming hats at LAC Academy?


A - Yes - It is a condition that both Boys and Girls must wear swimming hats on a Monday but not complulsory on a Wednesday. By wearing a swimming hat, it will decrease resistance, increase speed and will encourage the swimmer to be streamline. LAC Academy sell their swimming hats for £2.00 per hat.

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